Laboratory Rules


          All students are required to follow the laboratory rules listed below.  If there are additional safety rules you will be notified either verbally or in writing before the laboratory experiment where these rules apply.  Violation of the rules may result in you being dismissed from the laboratory for that lab period and receiving a zero for the lab grade.  Continual violation of the rules may result in you being dismissed from the laboratory permanently.


  1. Approved safety goggles will be worn at all times.  Persons with contact lenses are encouraged to wear glasses to lab if possible.  Students wearing eyeglasses or contacts must wear safety goggles also.


  1. No chewing or dipping snuff in the laboratory.


  1. No eating or drinking in the laboratory.  Any food or beverage brought into the laboratory will be considered contaminated and will be disposed of immediately.


  1. No horseplay, roughhousing, or any other form of physical activity not directly required for the experiments will not be tolerated.


  1. Students must have supervision while in the lab.  You are not permitted to work in the laboratory without supervision.


  1. No unauthorized experiments will be performed by any student – it could be disastrous.


  1. No open-toed shoes, sandals, or huaraches (including Birkenstocks and Tevas) are to be worn in the laboratory.


  1. Shorts, skirts, and dresses must be knee-length or longer, and all students are reminded that chemicals have a tendency to spill and stain clothes; students are encouraged to wear old clothes to lab.


  1. No exposed midriffs or halter-tops will be permitted in the lab.


  1. Long hair (shoulder length or longer) should be tied back so that it does not hang over open flames or the student’s face.  This rule applies to both sexes equally.


  1. All laboratory procedures, such as pipetting, will be followed.  See the laboratory manual for appropriate procedures.


  1. All accidents involving personal injury, no matter how minor the injury, must be reported to the student worker or instructor immediately.


  1. Students must know the locations of the eyewashes and safety showers. 


  1. Caps, hats, bonnets, hoods, or other forms of head covering are not allowed in the lab or the classroom.


  1. Your instructor will discuss with you all other pertinent guidelines.


  1.  Absolutely no baggy clothing are allowed in the lab and all pants must be secured at the waistline.


Items 1-12 have been adapted from Safety in Academic Chemical Laboratories, American Chemical Society, Washington DC, 1990.