There are a few guidelines for student behavior in the laboratory.  Please observe them!


A.            Safety


                 1.  Never work in the laboratory without permission of instructor.


                 2.  Never experiment with unfamiliar chemicals; this can be disastrous.


                 3.  Report accidents immediately to instructor regardless of how minor they seem.


4.        Be sure you know how to use the shower, eye wash, fire extinguishers, and fire blanket found                                        

in the laboratory.


                 5.  Read labels on reagent bottles.


5.        Use towels to protect your hand when inserting glass tubing into stoppers or when cutting                             

glass tubing.


                 7.  Loose, long hair must be secured at the back of the neck


                 8.  Students are expected to wear an apron and goggles during the laboratory.


                 9.  Students are encouraged to wear cotton clothes.


                10.  No horseplay is allowed in the laboratory.


                11.  Students are advised to wear shoes during laboratory periods.


                12.  Drinking, eating, and chewing tobacco are not allowed in the laboratory.


                13.  Paper and solid wastes are to be removed from sinks.


                14.  All glassware and normal desk equipment left on tops of the laboratory benches should be                                returned to the stock room.



    B.        Your instructor will discuss with you all other pertinent guidelines.