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General Chemistry I

General Chemistry II

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II


                                                                                                    Floating on the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth


Chapter Study Guides are available on-line at www.columbiastate.edu/library by accessing the online catalog and typing in "Naddy" as the author name.  Click on the [ 1 ] by the name, then scroll down to the chapter(s) needed.


General Chemistry I Lab Exercises

General Chemistry II Lab Exercises

Organic Chemistry I

Organic Chemistry II

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Look Chief, Chemistry is very simple stuff!

The Dead Sea is 1,373 feet below sea level.

Whispering Columns in Jerash

Gateway to Jerash

Gateway to Jerash

Crusaders castle in Ajlun, Jordan

Colosseum in Jerash

Colosseum and the Road of Columns in Jerash

Chemistry is magic!

Dr. Naddy in the renovated Chemistry Laboratory named in his honor.



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